Ellery Feona- A Joyful Gift



The purpose of Ellery Feona- A Joyful Gift is to spread Acts of Kindness, Love and Generosity throughout the world. The truth is, each day is a gift and we know tomorrow is not promised. I believe spreading LOVE and kindness is really the only thing that matters in this world. Remember showing Love, Kindness, and Generosity doesn’t have to cost anything. Compliments and Hugs are FREE! Ellery’s cards are FREE just send me a message to receive yours.
How to use the Ellery Joyful Gift cards: Keep them in your wallet as a reminder to show random acts of kindness, generosity and joy. When the time arises to use one, give the card with your act of kindness. Hopefully the receiver will then share the card with another through an act of kindness creating ripple effect and Ellery’s spirit touches many many lives! The giver and receiver can then share their experience on  Ellery Feona- a Joyful Gift page! (the stories have been a huge part in our families healing and I thank you for sharing!